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Diseases & Conditions We Treat

Some Ayurvedic Treatments for various chronic, critical and general diseases are given below:

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Dr. Subhash Nayak as the name suggests is a trademark of Ayurvedic Doctors in India. The minds behind Amrit Sandhanam have endeavoured to create ayurvedic products that are untouched from any malignity. The ancient therapies and potions have been restored in their original composition with little or no transformations. The unique methodology of natural healing of mind, body and soul by the ancient vedic system is the essence of Amrit Sandhanam.

Amrit Sandhanam, is crafted with threads of knowledge and practice of a renowned name in Ayurveda, Vaidya Subhash Nayak Ji. The products of Hind Herbal Pharmacy have the power to heal the challenging ailments in human body unlike any other form of healing or medication. Ayurvedic remedies are rich in natural ingredients which are easily accepted by your body without incurring any side effects. The distinct therapy at Amrit Sandhanam is based not just on ayurvedic products, but a holistic practice of complete change of lifestyle. It allows you to make significant changes in life that is kept close to nature by adopting a disciplined lifestyle.

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Dr. Subhash Nayak practicing Ayurveda since last 20+ years when modern or hi-tech equipments & techniques were not available. Vaidya Subhash Nayak has started the magnificent Ayurveda treatments by own with inadequate resources & formulated various kind of ayurvedic medicines to cure different kind of ailment before the time of technology. This journey continued with incredible temperament & clinical research by Dr. Subhash Nayak who had been awarded “Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicines”. He made valuable research to keep ayurvedic medicines for long time as well ayurvedic injections. Now onwards, Dr. Subhash Nayak is moving ahead with more effective & efficiently in the direction of Ayurveda to provide Ayurveda Treatment for such ailment which is not curable under modern therapies or these are very costly. Dr. Subhash Nayak made magnificent research by which numerous patients cured within stipulated time at very economic price.

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Some of Our Treatment Features:-
  • Ayurveda is one of the safest ways to cure any kind of disease.
  • Its 100% Natural.
  • Works at root cause.
  • No Adverse Effect.
  • Affordable Cost.
  • Its pain less.
  • Results are 100% and long lasting.
  • Herbal applications are so simple & convenient.
  • Its multi-tasking.
  • Stink or fragrance less.
  • Results found within stipulated time.
  • Emphasis on food regimen, lifestyle, mental and spiritual approach, attitude and conduct.
  • Unique Treatment.
  • 100% detoxification, cleansing, strengthening and rejuvenation of body.

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Dr. Subhash Nayak is head of Amrit Sandhanam & Hind Herbal Pharmacy, who are highly qualified and have mastered the art of healing. He has cured tousands of patients suffering from Asthma (Bronchel Asthma/Allergic Asthma), Sinusitis, COPD, Hridaya Roga (Heart Disease), DCM, Hyper tension, Acid Peptic Disease, Chronic Gastritis, Colitis Ulcerative Colitis, Fissures in Ano & other, Corrosive of Liver, CLD, Fatty Liver, Hepatitis, Anemia, Spleen Disorder, Over Weight, Metabolic Disorder, Pcod/Pcos, Uterine Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst, Bulky Uterus, Infertility Male, Infertility Female, Impotency, Oligospermia, Thyroid Disorder, Hormone Disorder, Tumer All Type, Cyst, Arthritis All Type, Muscle Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Autism, Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, DLE, ILD, Celiac Disease etc., Depression, Anxiety, Psychology Disorder, Rasayan, Bajikaran, Degenerative Disorder. and many such other diseases.

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Our Promise to You
Our doctor and staff have the technical skills, they are competent and compassionate towards patients and remain calm and proficient even under pressure.

At our ayurvedic clinic patients are treated using authentic ayurvedic medicine after being throughly diagnosed by Expert Ayurvedacharya, Dr. Subhash Nayak. We use multiple treatment options including ayurvedic medicines, herbal medicines according to need of our patients.

We are happy to inform you that with the hard works of Amrit Sandhanam team, we have four branches of Amrit Sandhanam in India. One the oldest branch in Haridwar and other in Bhubneshwar, Mumbai, Delhi.

Our Doctors have been working in the field of Ayurveda since 2005. They have successfully treated many patients, they work on patients of any age.The doctors at our clinic have acquired special knowledge by training and experience both which helps them treat the patients in the best possible way.

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